Friday, October 11, 2013

Handmade Burp Cloths

Now when my children were babies we had some items that were handmade, but not many.  The "designer baby" trend had not become popular yet.  I love to look at Pinterest and the many blogs to see what new moms are coming up with for their babies.  I wish I had been that creative when my children were small.

Since I am now at the age where my friends are becoming grandparents I am once again going to baby showers.  They are always fun and exciting but for different reasons.  I am glad my kids are practically grown and now I can enjoy small ones in a new way.  In an earlier post series I showed you the baby quilt and various other gifts I made for one of our dearest friends first grandchild.  It is the series No Scraps Left Behind.  That gift was the beginning of a new journey into seeking out what was popular now for newborns.

I found many different ideas and have started a Things to Make list.  One of the first ones I have tried was burp cloths. Previously I had only embellished the traditional cotton burp cloths.  That was fun but you are limited to only the ends of the cloth having color.  So, I made up a pattern for burp cloths that were one fabric in the center with coordinating fabric on the ends.  I also used another coordinating fabric on the back so they are reversible.  I layered cotton batting in the middle so they are absorbent.  I used cotton fabric and did a detail stitching on the seam where the fabrics meet.  This was a great way to practice some of the fancy stitches on my machine and use different threads.

Here are some samples of what I made:

I made three of each combination because I thought that made a nice gift.  I usually roll them and tie them up with a piece of fabric.  Then I package them with some other small items such as shampoo, powder, wipes etc.  This makes a nice gift and a useful one.  Since the cloths are made out of cotton they can easily go through the washer and dryer. 
So the next time you have a baby shower to attend pull out your larger scraps and make a unique gift for the new mom and baby. 

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