Friday, October 25, 2013

Inspiration - what sparks your creativity?

In the previous post I talked about my love for pins of all shapes and sizes. Over the
years I have created some unique pins for my new collection. When I am out
shopping the clearance isles, garage sales and thrift stores I am always on the
lookout for some unique piece that could the inspiration for my next pin creation.
Things that inspire me range from a clay mask, a unique button, a piece of lace or
fabric, an old ear ring and many other items.
When creating something that you will wear also consider what clothing color
combinations you prefer. I tend to lean toward the bright jewel tones. These are
the colors that look best on me. I have a friend who wears more of the autumn
colors. I enjoy making pins for her because I get to use colors I normally would not
consider. If you have trouble picking what colors look good together take your cues
from nature. When you look at a field of flowers what colors stand out? Does your
eye pick up the pinks and purples or do you prefer the yellow and orange? This will
give you some direction.
The creative process for me always begins with an inspiration item and then I move
to the colors I wish to use. All of my craft items and fabrics are divided and stored
by color. So, when I want to create a pin, for example, from my inspiration item I
found then I pull out my boxes in the colors I want to use. Usually in jewelry I work
in only two colors but on occasion I will add several additional colors.
Here are a few pins I have made over the years. There is a brief description of the
inspiration piece and why I chose the colors I used.
This pins inspiration was taken from the black clay mask.  I found several of these (on clearance of course) and it reminded me of the beautiful Mardi Gra masks.  The fan is made from a piece of wrapping paper.  I glued card stock in between two layers of paper for added stiffness. 

This is one of the silver masks I found with the black.  I made this pin first and used tissue paper to make the fan.  As you can see the tissue paper did not hold up well.  This is now in my craft/sewing area because I love the colors.

This pin was made from another clay mask.  This one just called to be made to look like the Mardi Gra masks.  I only added the feathers and the beads at the top of the mask.  The beads I strung on a piece of thread and then glued to the mask. 
It is a very festive look.

This pin is made from a simple wooden heart shape with added buttons and fabric rose.  I needed something to add a small detail to a jacket in a particular shade of purple.  This fit the bill nicely.

This pin I did not make.  It was given to me from a friend.  It did however spark several pins made from a piece of lace.  I did not take pictures of the pieces I made before I gave them away.  (A side note -- always take a picture of something you create.  You never know when you will want to refer back to your creation.) The base is simply a piece of lace.  It is fairly fragile but has held up well.

This pin was made for my friend who wear alot of fall colors.  She commented on how she liked the feather pins that were popular.  The feathers are glued to a base and the center is a vintage clip ear ring.  Under the ear ring is a small piece of lace to add a little spark of off white.  (Sorry about the blurry picture)

This pin is made from a domino.  The picture is taken from a greeting card
I was going to discard.  I added the simple word to of "love", cut from a book. 
The edges of the domino are colored gold. 
Find what inspires you and see what wonderful creations are sparked.

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