Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Valentine's Day Table Runner - A Little Late

In a previous post I talked about my Valentine's Day table runners I created this Summer.  The first table runner was made from the left over scraps from this post Donations Quilts - What a Joy!  I had just enough to make the center coin style panel and then add some simple borders. 

A coin style center panel is the highlight of this runner.
I like the way the mix of the reds, browns and pinks compliment each other for a true Valentine's Day feel.  The back was pieced with a pink and white polka dot and brown and pink ends.
The pieced back gives you two looks in one runner.
I also pieced the binding in the brown and pink solid fabrics to add a little movement in the outer edge.  The quilting in the center is straight lines 1/4 inches away from the seam lines and a meandering pattern in the coin section.  The border quilting was a little more of a challenge to myself to practice some new free motion shapes.  I quilted hearts in the outer border with loops between them.  They are not perfect but for a first try not too bad. (Sorry for the blurry picture - I could not get my camera to focus correctly)
More practice on my free motion quilting
Hearts with connecting loops.
This runner was quick and easy to put together and fun to make. I will post more about the other runner and table topper from the original group later. 

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