Monday, March 2, 2015

I am an ADD Creative Soul

If you are a creative person you know how it feels when you get an idea you want to try and you just can't wait any longer.  I am that person who will stop in the middle of one project and start a new one just because I have to try it now!  The other day I walked into my craft/sewing room and noticed a skein of yarn I had purchased a few days before.  Even though I had my table stacked to the brim with three other projects in process I pushed everything out of the way and started making a scarf out of the yarn.  See the lovely result here A Girl Can Never Have Enough Scarves.

My piled high work area before
I just jumped into a new project.
At that moment I decided I was an ADD Creative Soul.  There is really no other way to describe my brain when it comes to the creative process.  I am not this way in any other aspect of my life. (A procrastinator by nature but not ADD).  The lure of what could be created by that new idea just reels me in so fast my head is spinning.  I am sure there are others out there like me that jump from one project to the next and then wonder why our crafting/sewing areas are always in disarray.  Well now I have a diagnosis for you - Attention Deficit Creative Soul.  I guess I could seek treatment for my constant lack of attention but I like to think it keeps things fresh and always moving.  Oh look, I wonder what I could do with that new package of spoons?  Gotta go see you soon.


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