Friday, March 20, 2015

Last of the Valentine's Day Runners

In several previous posts here I have shown you the Valentine's Day runners I made this summer.  The last one is not a runner but a small table topper.  I did not have enough scraps to make an additional full table runner so I thought a table topper would be perfect to use the last little bits and pieces.

The small table topper using the last of the scraps.
I started the table topper with a large orphan block that was fairly simple in design and presentation.  I put this block on one side of the topper and pieced a different design on the other side.  I used this block to determine my overall size of the topper.
The remaining orphan blocks from the scrap bag.
The smaller pieced blocks I used in the front side of the topper.  By adding a pieced center and borders this side was done in no time. 
Front of the table topper.
The topper was quilted with the free motion hearts and connecting loops I have been practicing.  The front of the topper has a lighter colored thread so the quilting did not detract from the pieced center.  The back has a darker colored thread so the quilting really pops out.

The darker thread makes the quilting stand out.
Side one
Side two
This topper can be used on either side depending on the look you want.  I only had a few scraps left from the bag and they went into my stash of squares. 

The last of the scraps.
See how much fun you can have using up your scraps and orphan blocks.  One scrap bag down only about a hundred to go.  Check out these posts to see my other runners.  Happy scrapping!

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