Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pinterest Challenge Pin #1

The first pin I selected from my boards is one that has been there for several years. I had purchased all of the supplies and they were sitting in my cabinet but I had not taken them out and used them. So, this challenge has pushed me to get them out from under the cabinet and use them. Raise your hand if you have the supplies for a pin and they are sitting in your cabinet.

This pin is a cleaning pin from my Household Hints board. You take a dish scrubber and fill it with half dish soap and half white vinegar. It is used to scrub your shower and/or bath tub to remove soap scum. I tried it out in the shower last night and it seems to work quite well. Now I am too embarrassed to show you before and after pictures but I feel like my shower is a little cleaner today. I plan to use it every time I take a shower and scrub one section at a time. It might take a few days but hopefully my shower will get cleaner and cleaner. Then I can convince (aka bribe) my children to use one in their shower.

I now have a new commitment to using the pins on my boards. If they are only saved for prosperity in the cyber world they have very little value in real life. So, what pin have you decided to use this week? Please share a comment on this post Pinterest Challenge and Giveaway so we can all learn from each other and you will get your name in the giveaway drawing at the end of the month.


P. S. If you follow me Danna Webber on Pinterest I will add an additional entry for you in the giveaway.

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