Friday, March 27, 2015

Another scrap bag! - Red, White and Blue

In the previous post Use It or Lose It!  I described my new process to work through the many scrap bags of fabric in my cabinets.  This particular scrap bag was all red, white and blue fabrics that were in my friends stash and she passed it on to me. 

The scrap bag of Red, White and Blue fabrics.
I will admit this bag was fun to work on because the fabrics were really cute.  It did have several orphan blocks in the bag along with scraps of various sizes.  To find out more about my love for orphan blocks check out this post Orphan Blocks.
Some of the orphan blocks in the scrap bag.
I have already made several projects with these scraps and still have a few left to use up.  One of the first projects was two dish towels with pieced strips.  I took the various strips of coordinating fabrics and sewed several rows together to create a band. 
Various length strips sewn together to create a band.
I then sewed the band down to the edge of the dish towel with a zigzag stitch.  I left the raw edges showing and stitched around all four sides.  I liked the raw edge because it gives the towel a more rustic feel rather than a formal feel.  The fabrics were too fun for a stuffy feeling.
The raw edges secured with a zigzag stitch.

The finished towel will be festive for July.

Simple yet festive!
My process seems to be working well for using up scraps and getting all the bags out of my cabinets.  Don't tell my husband but if this keeps up I will have room for some new fabric!! There are several more projects in the works from this bag but I will post more about them later.

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