Friday, September 6, 2013

Donation Quilts - what a Joy!

I am a member of the quilt group at our church.  It is always more fun to quilt with a group of friends then by yourself.  We work on our personal projects but we are also a ministry based group.  One of your major ministries is to make baby quilts for a local pregnancy crisis center.  A quilt is given to each mother for her new baby.  Each time I make a baby quilt for donation it is a joy.  I really have fun picking out the fabrics and pattern.  It has pushed me to try some new patterns and fabric combinations.  Here are some picture of a few I recently finished.

Log Cabin - This quilt was the second log cabin pattern I made. 
 It is bordered with a wide print of bears in the woods. 

Fence Rail - This is the first Fence Rail I have ever done. 
This was a fast and easy quilt especially since I used a
portion of a jelly roll. ( Coming soon the other quilts I made
with the other portions of the jelly roll)

Orange Strip Quilt - This was the leftover scraps from a Log Cabin
Quilt Kit.  The wide orange has fish in the print.  It is a really
bright quilt which I thought might be good for a baby boy.

Challenge quilt - Every month or two someone in the group puts forth a challenge. 
Sometimes the challenge is to use a particular fabric (like this one), or sometimes it is
to use a certain pattern.  It is always exciting to see what each member creates during
the challenge.  We always have some really neat ideas sparked.

Bright Blocks quilt - A quick and simple pattern to highlight the black and bright
patterned fabric in the center of each block.  We only had a small
piece of this fabric, it has chili peppers in wild colors.  I love to
do bright colors especially for baby quilts.

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