Thursday, March 19, 2015

Valentine's Day Runner from Orphan Blocks

Here is the second table runner I made this summer from the scraps my friend gave me.  She had a bag of leftovers from previous quilts and runners that included some orphan blocks.  I love to create using orphan blocks because half of the work is already done.

The completed runner using three orphan blocks.
In the bag was one large orphan block comprised of four half square triangle units and a solid border.  The other orphan blocks were leftover half square triangles. 
The orphan blocks and scraps.
I placed the large orphan block in the center and put borders on the smaller half square triangle blocks so the three were the same size.  I used a wide solid pink border on the two outside blocks to allow the center block to shine.  Using some of the other scraps I pieced a patchwork border with various sized rectangles.
Some of the scraps I used in the border.
Each block in the center of the runner has a heart quilted in the middle.  Again practicing my free motion quilting.
The middle block has a larger heart than the outer blocks.

A small heart in the center really makes the blocks pop.
The table runner turned out really cute with all the leftover scraps.  I used it on my large dining room table for my Valentine's Day décor.
Have fun using up your Orphan Blocks and scraps.  Be sure to check out these posts to see the others created. Pretty in Pink Table Runners &

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