Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Fall Decor

Well for some in the country Fall is in the air.  In Texas we don't usually feel like Fall until about December 1st.  But since it is that time of year somewhere it was time to change over my living room décor.  So a few weeks ago I pulled out all my Fall decorations and began the transformation.

On my mantel I used the same tiles from last year with one slight change.  I colored the letters this year with a gold sharpie so they would show up in a muted way.  To see what I did with them last year click this link Fall is in the Air!  I thought that the subtle lettering would make a nice backdrop for my new owls I have collected. 

My mantel for Fall 2014.  The wooden shudders are just leaning against the wall.

These are a few of my new owls.  I found these at Cracker Barrel they are salt and pepper shakers.
 I like the fact that they are small.
To color the letters of the tiles I placed the letters onto a plastic baggie and then colored the contact paper letter with a gold sharpie. 
After letting them dry for a few minutes I placed them back onto the tiles. The subtle shading added just the right touch for a different look.
The tricky part was not stretching the letters out. 
I was able to reuse the same letters from last years mantel.
In the center of the mantel I placed the angel a very good friend gave me as a going away gift.  Every time I see the angel it reminds me of all the love and laughter my friend and I share.

The soft coloring of the angel allows me to use her year round in various places in my living room.
At the other end of the mantel I placed another salt shaker owl, several carved pieces my brother made for me and a ceramic pumpkin.
The small green owl is a salt shaker. 

The wooden owl and the man are carvings my brother made.  The owl was a gift when I told him I was decorating my classroom in owls.  I could not take him to school he had to stay at home. 
 The man is a recent carving from a piece of wood at their lake house. 
These are definitely treasured pieces.
The extra tile with the owl I colored in a brighter green and placed him on the end table by my couch.  My original thought was to color the letters the same green but it was too bright for the look I wanted on the mantel.
The owl was colored with a sharpie just like the letters.

On top of my entertainment center I used the frames from the mantel and turned them on their side.  I then added the silk leaves with sticky tack to the glass.  I place my new porcelain birds in front of the gazebo and filled in around them with other birdhouses and pumpkins.  The birds are also salt and pepper shakers from Cracker Barrel.
My new bird salt shakers.  They are soooo cute.

The church was a recent addition.  It is broken on the corner where the leaf is placed.  It is a music box.  We found it a garage sale and my husband's grandparents had one just like it.  It was even broken in the same place.  It brought back many happy memories for my husband.

Simple blessings and simple décor.
On the table in my entry way I placed a platter with a real pumpkin and a metal jello mold  and silk flowers.  They sit on an antique platter with die cut leaves scattered on the platter.
Arranging just a few items in the same color pallet can be very fun.

Another shot of the FALL tiles.
Overall the transformation was done using the same items that are out all the time but with the addition of key color changes and groupings it feels completely different.  So even if it doesn't feel like fall where you are, start digging out those decorations and you might just see the change.


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