Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall is in the Air!

I live in Texas so "seasons" is a term we don't use very often.  Here we usually go straight from summer to winter.  If we have a fall it only lasts about a week.  But this weekend we celebrated my sons 18th birthday and it went from 105 degrees to 70 degrees overnight.  That my friends in Texas is known as our Fall.  Today it was back to 100 degrees!

So, in the spirit of the brief weather change I decorated my living room mantle in Fall colors.  If we can't enjoy the cool weather outside at least we can pretend inside (by turning down the AC to 50).  I pulled out all of my pumpkins, leaves, etc.  I have seen on Pinterest and other blogs where people have used all kinds of items and spelled out the word FALL on them.  I found some extra stone tiles and decided I would do the same.  My husband came home and ask what I was going to do with the tiles so I told him.  He said okay but just don't use a dark color to spell the word.  He did not want it to take away from the picture above the mantle.  (Which is one of my fathers prints - he is an artist). 

Okay, change of plans.  I had intended to use black vinyl on the tiles.  I began to create my "Pink Lemonade Idea".  Using clear contact paper I cut the letters out on the Cricut.  When you are sitting down you only see the blank tiles.  But, when you stand up the letters pop out.  The final product turned out to be really cool. 

Hopefully, your area has a longer Fall season than mine but if not create a season of change inside.


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