Saturday, October 25, 2014

Summer Bead Market

I know that it is no longer summer but I still wanted to tell you about the new beads I found.  Last spring I went to the Bead Market show for the first time.  See this post to learn more about my experience Fort Worth Bead Market.  This summer I had the privilege of going once again.  This time I was a little more prepared and I had a plan.

As always I set a budget amount before I went.  This was a little tricky since there was a quilt show the same weekend so I had to split my funds to be able to attend both.  Setting my budget and only taking cash makes me focus on the beads that I really need or ones that I could not get anywhere else.  Since most of my jewelry I make sells for around $20.00 per piece I do not purchase expensive beads.  The bead market has allowed me to get some nicer beads at an affordable cost.

The next part of my plan was to walk the whole show at least once before I made any purchases.  Last time I started buying beads as I came to them and when I got further into the show there were several vendors that had the same beads for less.  Once more strategy I learned for next time is I will take a notebook and jot down notes about beads, where they are and the price.  Then when I am ready to make my purchases I will not have to stand in the isle trying to remember which vendor had the best price on a certain kind of bead.

It was not intentional but it seems that time I gravitated toward a more earthy neutral pallet.  These beads have been sitting in my shop all summer waiting patiently to be transformed into new creations.  Here is what I purchased this go round.

The stone beads seemed to really catch my eye.

The small packages on the side are filler beads.
I will post soon some of the new jewelry I make with these beads.  So remember if the bead market comes to your town I recommend you check it out.  You never know what wonderful inspiration you will find.

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