Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Gift for my Mom!

This October my Mom celebrated 75 years of life.  We gathered as a family to celebrate her life and the joy she brings to ours.  Sometimes it is hard to find a gift for my mom but I know she always loves a new plant for her yard.

Since this was a milestone year I wanted something that could be used as a centerpiece for the table and then be planted in the yard.  Deciding on the plant was the easy part -- a yellow mum.  The next step was to find something pretty yet simple to put the pot in for the day.

So I found the only thing in my house that would hold the potted plant and still leave plenty of room on the table for guests to enjoy their meal.  The only container I had was a butter dish. 

I did consider leaving the container alone since it was my mom's favorite color.
But I decided I better do a little something to dress it up.

I painted the container an off white with acrylic craft paint.  It took several coats to cover the logo but didn't take too long to finish.

I did not bother to paint the bottom. 
I was fairly certain no one would turn the container over to see what it was.

This is the color of paint I used.  It did take several coats to cover the logo.
Next I wanted something to add a little bit more design.  I tried ribbon, raffia and several other ideas before settling on paper doilies and paper flowers.  I glued a paper doily to each side of the container and then glued a yellow paper flower in the center.
Simple paper doilies and paper flowers glued in the center.
It turned out really nice.
  My mom prefers things that are simple yet pretty.  This container with the yellow mums fit the bill nicely.  It was a fun day celebrating the best mom in the world.  I am glad she is mine.

So the next time you need a container for a potted plant, start digging around for those old butter dishes.  With a little paint and paper you can transform it into a nice table centerpiece.


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