Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Bath Salts #25

In all the holiday rush and stress it is nice to give someone a small gift to remind them to slow down and take time to relax.  Homemade bath salts are a great gift and simple to make.  The packaging is what takes the gift to the next level.

If you are looking for a gift that is inexpensive to make for a large group like teachers, coworkers etc.  This is the gift for you. 

Small jars work well for bath salts.
Bath salt is made from Epsom salt with a fragrant oil added.  It takes only a few drops (5 - 7) of the scented oil to add fragrance to a large bowl of Epsom salt.  I used scented soap oil but you can use any essential oil that is safe for skin contact. 
Gather all of the small jars, glass works best, that you can find.  I used a collection of small jelly jars I had on hand.  The small syrup jars from Cracker Barrel work well also, and most of the time if you ask the management they will save them for you.  You will have to wash them but it is an easy way to get a bunch in a short amount of time.  My local Cracker Barrel was very generous when I needed a large collection for a ladies luncheon at church. Any size jar will work just make sure it seals well.
Once you have collected your containers figure out a cute way to decorate them.  I painted the lids and glued a paper punched circle with a die cut in the middle to the top of each lid.

The punched circles and die cuts were made from scrap paper. 

Just adding the punched paper on top really dressed up these little jars.
The last step is to wrap the jars.  I used bags from the dollar store and filled them with shredded book pages as a filler around the jars.  Next I added a cute tag that says "just for you" and another die cut.

Here is my finished bag.

I used silver ink to stamp the words so it was subtle. 
The snowflake has a glittered center I added.

Here is another use for the extra pages of the book you took the covers from in the previous project.  Simply run them through your paper shredder and then add them to the gift bags.
We all need to remember this time of year it is not the size of the gift that counts.  It is the fact that we spent our time and thoughts on the person.  So remember it really is the thought that counts.  Only 25 days left until Christmas.

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