Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Book Cover Signs

If you have been following this blog you will have noticed that I am a frugal crafter.  I love the idea of using something that is destined for the trash bin to create a fun and new item.  The idea of creations using discarded library books came from the desire for a door decoration for my classroom.  See the original post here Spring is Here!.  I also used picture books to create a different look here Picture Book Pennants.  This one still makes me smile every time I see her window.

Since I had used some of the books to make the pennants there was a stack of book covers that were destined for the trash if I did not figure out something to do with them.  So the ideas began to roll around in my head and I settled on making book cover signs.  The book cover is the "board" that the signs are created on.

Here are a few that I made in a Fall theme.

I will post soon how to make this beautiful background.

The above picture shows the true coloring of this sign but was a little blurry.

The green of this sign is the original color of the book.  I did not paint or cover it at all.
The basic steps to making a book cover sign are fairly easy.  Some of the process can take more time than others.  I will post a more detailed description of the process at a later time.
These signs will make a great addition to any place you want to show your greetings or sentiments.  So the next time you are working on a project stop and think about what could be done with the leftovers before you throw them away.

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