Thursday, November 7, 2013

Scrap Quilts

You have probably figured out by now that it is hard for me to throw even the smallest pieces of fabric or crafting materials away.  So I have learned that when I finish a quilt project that if I cut up the "scraps" into usable size squares then I can get rid of the last bits of fabric a little easier.  Sometimes being a frugal person has its flaws. 

My organized side puts these squares into boxes by size.  This provides easy access to a variety of squares for my favorite scrap quilt projects.  I have boxes that range from 1" to 5" squares.  When the mood strikes and I want to make a baby quilt I (as always) pick my color scheme and then pull out the scrap boxes.  I am off and sewing fairly quickly.  No pulling out the dump bin full of scrap fabric and ironing, cutting and stacking.  I just decide on my pattern, my colors and pull out the right size box of squares.

Here are a few quilts I have made using this method.  The maze quilt from this post was also created using my scrap boxes.

This red, white and blue quilt was made with scraps that were cut to  2 1/2" squares.  The red, white and blue color scheme is a classic and a great quilt for baby boys.

The pastel colors in this quilt make it a perfect generic quilt for a baby.  I used a larger square and then a four patch of smaller squares.  I could not find the pattern I drew out for this but I think the small four patch squares were made from 2" cut squares.

The larger squares in this quilt are 5 1/4" squares of a dinosaur fabric and are all the same.  I used the solid scrap 3" squares to make the four patch blocks. 
One other advantage to having the pre-cut scrap boxes is when I need a quick baby shower gift.  I can whip up a great quilt in a very short time.
So the next time you are finishing up your latest quilt project.  Don't toss those scraps you can't part with into a bag or box.  Cut them down into usable squares and start your scrap pre-cut boxes.  I guarantee you will use up more of those scraps than you ever have before.

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