Friday, November 15, 2013

Printers Trays for Small Item Storage

Below my main shelves I have used two printer’s trays to hold some of my small beads for jewelry making. I found at the dollar store these small containers that fit in the larger openings. The smaller openings will hold two small Tic Tac containers. These are perfect for seed beads. I separate everything by color. I have found this is how I create the best. I pick an item I want to create and then I pick the color scheme.

In between the two printer trays is a large wooden “D” I painted and attached small clothespins to hold business cards or instructions. Next to the “D” there are three wooden flowers. I love the color, cutouts and shape. I wanted my new space to inspire me. Therefore I added some small decorative touches and streamlined my storage units.

The printer’s trays offer a way to store small items in a neat and orderly fashion. With the clear plastic and Tic Tac containers I can see everything at a glance. I found that having these small items “handy” has allowed me to use them in new and different ways.

The printers trays are centered above my main work area.  My table is a white counter top supported by two small book cases. 

One printers tray holds more of the colored beads.  I placed hooks on the sides of the trays to hold my scissors and rotary cutter.  This allows for easy access.

This tray has mostly white and cream colored beads.  I have gathered the Tic Tac containers from family and friends.  My kids wondered why they always had several Tic Tac packages in their stockings.  The rule was you could eat the Tic Tacs but you had to save the container.

The "D" was purchased from Hobby Lobby and I painted it black.  The small clothes pins allow me to clip up notes and patterns above my area while I am working on projects.  My name is spelled out using rub on scrapbooking letters.

Do you have ideas for ways you store small useful items? I would love to hear your suggestions.


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