Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A New Look!

As you may have noticed Pink Lemonade Ideas has a new banner.  I finally had the time to spend on creating a more creative and personal banner. 

The banner was created using a Picasa Collage picture.  The instructions are here.  They are from the Clover Lane blog.  Her post was in 2009 but they still work. She changes her banner almost every month.  I am not sure I will be that industrious but a couple times a year would be nice to showcase some projects. If you are not familiar with Picasa it is a free Google photo editor.  You can download the software from Google and store and edit pictures on you computer and on the web.  The other nice thing about Picasa is it interfaces with Blogger very well since they are both Google products.

Hopefully over the Thanksgiving break I will be able to spend a little more time on the side bars and adding some project pages.  But, with Christmas just around the corner I may be buried in quilting and Christmas projects.


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