Monday, November 11, 2013

Handmade Pay it Forward

Earlier this year I participated in a Pay It Forward event. It was similar to other Pay It Forward events with one exception. The items I received were handmade. I appreciate the whole idea of the Pay It Forward concept. If more people would take the time to do some small gesture each day to express care and love for anyone they come in contact with our world would be a better place. But, in the Handmade Pay It Forward I like that you get to use your gifts and talents to express that love.
Here is a picture of the beautiful beaded ornaments I received.

The lady who made my gifts is a total stranger. I stumbled upon her blog at just the right time when she was announcing her Handmade Pay It Forward. I was one of the lucky five people she chose. I can’t wait until Christmas when I can place my ornaments on my tree. Each year they will be a reminder that it only takes a small gesture to make someone else feel loved.

Here is your chance to join in the fun. The rules for the Handmade Pay It Forward
are as follows:

1. The first five people to leave a comment at the bottom of this post will be my
five participants. You will receive a handmade item from me in the near future. I will list the names and then you must email me to provide me some basic information. (i.e. favorite color, how I can contact you etc.)

2. If selected you agree to return the pay it forward. You can post your pay it forward on your personal blog or facebook page.

3. The items you send to your participants can be anything handmade by you.

I looked forward to receiving my package from Emily. Hopefully you will be one of
my lucky five.

Quick post a comment below!


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  1. I am still looking for my five people to join in the fun. Post a comment and you could be one of my five.