Friday, November 22, 2013

Accessory Items in Sewing/Craft Area

When I moved my space to its new location several years ago I wanted to create a space that was inspirational.  This was not an easy task since my space is in a converted garage.  The walls and floor are not "pretty" but I was able to carve out a few spots that are a little more decorative. 

One item I created was a bulletin/marker board above my sewing machines.  The bulletin/marker board is made out of an old cabinet door we had removed from our bathroom. I painted the door white and using the back of the door my husband mounted a metal dry erase board to the center.  Then we used rolled cork to fill in the spaces on each side.  This gives me two small bulletin boards and a magnetic marker board in the middle. I covered the edge of the marker board with ribbon to give it a more finished look and added buttons to the corners.

Next I glued four metal hooks to the bottom edge.  This gives me a place to hang binder clips with notes and patterns attached.  To finish the piece I added scrabble tiles to spell out IMAGINE and two small pink buttons on each end.  The bulletin/marker board has proved to be very handy in the space above the machines.  It holds all my notes and supply lists.

 Another item I repurposed for my space was a couple of ugly lazy susans.  I purchased three of them at a garage sale for .25 cents each.  I used some left over contact paper from my classroom to cover the center of each one.  I may at some point come back and paint or do something else to the edge,  but for now I wanted something easy and functional.  On one of the lazy susans I put my bobbin case and a few sewing items I like handy. 

The other lazy susan holds all of my pens, markers and pencils.  I used several black and white boxes and cans I purchased from Michael's on clearance.  They hold all of my sharpies, colored pencils, markers etc.  I had just enough room to place my small tape dispenser in the middle of the buckets. 

In my "dream" sewing/craft room I have ideas for many more accessory type pieces.  Someday when my children move out I will take back a bedroom and be able to truly decorate my area.  I am looking forward to that day but for now I am fairly pleased with the space I have.  I am able to work in a part of my house that is not visible if someone drops by and I can leave a project out that is in the process.  For years I worked on the dining room table so every time I wanted to make something I gathered all of my supplies, carried them to the table and then before going to bed I cleaned it all up again.  So I am truly blessed to have an area that is mine.

Hopefully, you have a area that is just for you.  It doesn't have to be a large space but there is a freedom in having your own space to create.  I would love to hear your ideas and see pictures of your craft/sewing space.


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