Monday, November 18, 2013

Fabric Storage

Storing fabric is always a challenge. If you are like me I have tons of fabric in all different sizes and shapes. Once again I divided everything by color. In my old craft area I had my smaller pieces of fabric in a set of stackable drawer units. I had folded the fabric and put it in rows in the drawers so you could see the edge of each fabric. This worked okay but not great. I was searching for a better way when a friend found this idea.

A light bulb went off and I thought I could use this same idea but do it a little cheaper. Since my husband was a custom picture framer for 10 years we have lots of scrap mat board. Mat board is acid free therefore it will not harm the fabric. I had him cut pieces of mat board that would fit in my drawer units. Then I wrapped my fabric around a board and secured with a rubber band. When placed in the drawer it provides just enough space between the fabrics to really see what you have.

 I also had him cut pieces that fit in a plastic shoebox. I use these for some of my specialty fabrics that I don’t want mixed in with everything else. I then labeled the shoebox so I can easily see what fabric is in each box.

For my larger pieces of fabric I cut larger boards out of cardboard and covered them with contact paper. I then wrapped my fabric around and they are stored in a cabinet hung of the wall. This format allows me to see all of my fabric at a glance. I have been able to use up pieces from my stash instead of buying new because I could actually find it. It also allowed me to clean out a hallway closet and get all of my fabric in my work area.

What ideas to you use to store fabric?  I am sure you have great ideas also and I would love to hear them.


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