Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring is here!

Spring in Texas is not a very long season.  It usually goes from very cold days to rather hot days in a very short time.  This year we have been fortunate and blessed with some beautiful spring days.  The mornings are cool and the sun has been shining, but the temperature has remained in the 70 degree range.

Since I have been trying to decorate my classroom door for the various holidays and seasons this year I decided to create something for Spring.  Even if it is a short season outside we can at least pretend inside that it does exist somewhere. 

As I posted earlier I have been using the bottom half of my door for this purpose.  So I did not need an abundance of decorations.  I wanted something that would be simple yet unique.  The bunting for Saint Patricks Day looked so nice I chose to use the idea again for the Spring season.  This bunting I created using discarded books from the school library.  Here is the finished door.

The bunting spells out the word Spring.  The bunny, chick and flowers are wooden pieces I found on sale last year.

The pennants are made from chapter book pages so they are black and white.  The letters are made from picture books and are more colorful.

To show my appreciation to the librarian for sharing her discarded books I made one for her that says Library.
The door turned out really well.  It is amazing what you can do with a little bit of paper, glue and a whole dash of creativity.

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