Monday, February 3, 2014

New Scarves - Superbowl Fun!

Yesterday before I started cooking all of our Superbowl snacks I made a couple of new scarves.  They are made from looping yarn and stitching down the middle.

I made some other scarves from yarn in the past (see Christmas Countdown - 22 days left) but I liked the way this style draped.  I first saw this style on Sugar Bee Crafts.  She has a great tutorial with lots of pictures and even a video.  It was easy to follow her directions.

Here are my creations:

The blue one is short due to the fact that I only had about half a skein of yarn.

The lovely model is my daughter.  Smile!

The pink one is really long so I doubled it and then wrapped it around her neck.
I got a little carried away making loops.
I used about 2/3 of a full skein on the pink one.

Aren't these fun!

You make the loops and zig zag down the middle.

I used this variegated thread with fun bright colors on the pink scarf.

This is all of the blue yarn I had.  A little less than half a skein.

I used this variegated thread on the blue scarf. 
I love it when you come across something fun and functional.  These only took about and hour to make both scarves.  I might have to hunt the blue one down in my daughter's closet.  Her comment was this looks really good with my shirt mom.  Usually that is code for I think I will "borrow" this one.
Well I hope your team won the Superbowl but if not.  You can always spend your time crafting up something fun.

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