Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Baby Quilts

For Christmas I had an order for two baby quilts for our neighbors daughters.  They are both pregnant with girls and due within a few weeks of each other.  Boy is she going to have her hands full with two new grandbabies at the same time.  I am sure there is enough love for both.

She wanted bright fun colors for the quilts.  So, I used two jelly rolls that I had in my stash and was waiting for the perfect projects.  Since I only had a little over a week to complete and deliver both quilts I selected very simple patterns. 

The first quilt was a selection of bright pinks, greens, yellows, oranges and blues.  I used one of my favorite patterns - the keyhole block.  This pattern is simple, doesn't require a lot of cutting or seam matching.  I also love the way just changing the fabrics and layout of the blocks make each quilt unique.  For more keyhole block quilts check out these posts.  Scotty Dog Quilt and The Gift.

Take a look at the latest variation of the keyhole pattern.

It turned out really cute.  (The tall helper in the back is my son.)

I used six rows with 4 1/2 blocks in each row.  (My son looks like an evil Kilroy)

I had a few blocks left, so I pieced the back and used them in the middle.
Piecing the back of a quilt and adding a small detail gives you two quilts in one.

Due to the time crunch I quilted in straight lines 1/4" from each seam.
This quilt was given to the youngest daughter.  I hope her new baby will have lots of fun playing on this quilt and being wrapped up in the warmth that only a quilt can provide.
For the second quilt I used a black, grey and yellow jelly roll.  The pattern I used was my variation of the subway tile blocks.  I have seen various subway block patterns and wanted to use it someday.  Well this project provided that day. 
Here is my variation of the subway block.
Since these fabrics were simple I added the borders to give the quilt a little more punch.  (Don't you love the funny face my son is making.  I was thankful he was willing to be my quilt holder.)

Once again I had a few pieces left and did a pieced
back allowing for two quilts in one.

I quilted 1/4' from each seam in the middle of the quilt in straight rows. 
Then 1/4" from each border seam around the two borders. 
This quilt was given to the oldest daughter and she loved it.  I was able to see her on Christmas day at her Mom's house.  It is hard to believe that both of these girls are grown and going to have their own children.  It just seems like yesterday we were all moving into our houses and they were playing in the yard.
Baby quilts are always fun to me.  I love the fact that you get to quilt #1 but they come together so quickly.  I have been able to do so many more quilts and patterns.  As usual though, I have many more patterns I would love to try.

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