Friday, January 31, 2014

Arm Band Leftovers - there has to be a use for them!

As you have already figured out it is hard for me to throw away any piece that could possibly have a future use.  Well I had made several of the t-shirt scarves for my daughter and myself.  You use most of the t-shirt in that process but there are a few pieces left. 

I had saved the armbands and put them in my jars of strings thinking there just had to be a good use for them.  At then end of the Christmas break our youth group does a discipleship retreat and my college age daughter was a leader this year.  She had about five 7th grade girls she taught for the weekend.  She wanted to make something fun yet useful for the girls for the retreat.

We pulled out some blank note cards we had and we divided them into groups of about 10 each.  Wait for it -- yes here comes the arm bands from the t-shirts.  We used the armbands to wrap around the cards and a clothespin clip with each girls name attached to the center.

Here are the finished groups:

She made a set for each girl and herself of course.

Since the t-shirts were tie dyed they were really fun colors.
Here are some pictures to help you understand just what part of the t-shirt we used and how we wrapped them.  To learn more about the clothespin clips see this post Christmas Countdown - 5 days left!  These only cost us about 10 cents each to make since the t-shirts were only 50 cents at our favorite thrift store.  You could use 3x5 blank index cards instead of the larger ones.
We cut the hem just above the stitching on each arm.

Here is the band removed
Some were a little too big so we split them and stitched them back up.

Then I simply wrapped them around the cards.

All the bright colors really popped against the white cards.
So remember the next time you are about to throw away a piece that you just know in your heart could be used for something.  Dig down deep and find that Pink Lemonade Idea.

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