Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scarf Crazy - Fun and Funky!

I know I have had several posts lately about making different types of scarves.  But, they are so popular and I am always looking for new ideas.  I hope you will indulge me one more time. 

Today's scarf is fun and funky.  It is made from all of the leftover scraps of the tshirt scarves I made for my daughter.  As I have mentioned in the past I have been fortunate to find at my local thrift store a multitude of tie dye tshirts for about 50 cents each.  My daughter loves the scarves that are like the one below and I have made her several.

It is made from 1/2" strips cut and stretched.  Then they are tied at the top.
This type of scarf is easy to make and with the tie dye shirts they come out really pretty with the mix of colors.  But there are always left over pieces of shirt.  And as you know I can't stand to throw away ANY scraps.

So, I started looking around for a way to use up all these lovely scraps.  I came across this tutorial for making a fringe tshirt boa scarf.  These are really cut but I did not have enough to make a long scarf.  Here is my version.

Look at that smile.  Isn't that scarf funky!
I used the basic concepts of the above tutorial with a few exceptions.  When tying my strips to the center piece I alternated the direction of my knots.  This way the fringe appears to be fuller. 
This is the top half of one shirt left from the other scarves I made.

I divided my shirts into piles of strips and put them on the center strip in the same order on each side.  (If you look closely you can see the center strip in the bottom right.  It is the one with the white pattern on the edge)
Dividing my strips into stacks made sure that I didn't put all of one color together.
I also left about 6 - 8 inces of the enter piece with no strips attached on each end.  This allows the scarf to be easily tied and turned into an infinity type scarf (like she is wearing it above).  Left untied the ends just fill into the fringe. 
My daughter loved the bright color mix and I was able to use up almost every scrap piece.  I did have a few small pieces left that I am going to use to make a flower pin to coordinate with her other scarves.
This type of scarf lends itself to a more casual, fun and funky look but is a great scrap buster.  I would love to hear about your adventures in using up scraps from scarves you make or any other items.  Leave a comment below and share with everyone.

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