Thursday, January 2, 2014

Look inside the cabinets!

Sometimes the most obvious answer to a question is right in front of you.  Several years ago I was looking for a way to get information I used frequently in a more accessible area.  I had everything from phone numbers, cooking references and recipes etc.  Then it hit me that I had a lot of cabinet space I was not using.  The cabinet doors.

So my husband and I put rolled cork on the inside of several cabinet doors.  We purchased a roll of cork from Hobby Lobby for less than $20.00 and did four cabinet doors.  Now my frequently used phone numbers, recipes etc. are literally right inside the cabinet.

My husband was concerned that if we glued the cork to the cabinet door when it needed to be replaced it would be hard to remove.  So, we used small nails around the edge on some of the doors.  Since my cabinets are different widths some of the cork goes all the way from edge to edge while others have a small gap around the edge. On the doors with the gap we did use a heavy duty double stick tape to secure the cork.

Here are some pictures:

The is where I keep my cookbooks.  I posted some of our family favorite recipes on the door.

This cork goes all the way from edge to edge inside the door.

The is by my spices and has measurement charts posted.

This is the spice cabinet door.  See how the cork does not go all the way to the edge. We used the double stick tape to secure this cork.

What a mess!  Inside this door is where I keep my frequently called phone numbers.

Now, that is better.  I did a little 2014 cleanup.  Why do I keep so many numbers that are no longer correct?  Maybe I need to purge this door more often.
I have seen in magazines where people have put cork or chalkboard paint on the outside of the cabinet doors.  For my personal taste I wanted my notes and information behind closed doors.   Apparently, since my phone numbers were such a mess I need to keep it behind the doors.  I hope this will spark some useful ideas of a way to keep information handy and tidy. 

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