Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cork Squares = a Tidy Kitchen

I am sure your family like mine has a multitude of flyers, informational notes etc., that need to be kept handy for quick reference. I have always used the front doors of my refrigerator for this purpose. But it bothered me that they looked messy all the time. When a friend gave me some cork squares she no longer needed it hit me that I had an area I could use to post those notes, the inside of my pantry doors.
This door has three squares of cork.  

A closer look at the door.
This is the second door where all the frequently referenced schedules go.
My husband and I used a heavy duty double stick tape to attach the cork squares to the doors. This will allow for easy removal later. I added names to several of the squares so I could post each person’s notes to their area. On the second door the last two squares are used for the most frequently referred to notes. In our house those are the notes for the high school band and church. This keeps these from getting buried and everyone knows where they are located.

To make the name tags I used some marbled cardstock paper I made and rub on scrapbooking letters. I first attached the name tags with double stick tape but they did not stay. So I now use thumbtacks to keep them in place.

Now my refrigerator is tidy and clean. I could not believe how much better it made my kitchen look and feel to have the refrigerator doors cleared off. So, if you are having trouble finding a place to keep your notes tidy look for an open space behind closed doors and add some cork squares.


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