Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Heart Garland - Sewing Camp 2016

In Sewing Camp 2016 I wanted the students to sew something other than fabric.  I thought it would be fun to show them that sewing can be used to create all sorts of items.

Each student was given 20 paper punched hearts.  The hearts were made using discarded library books.  Check out these posts Book Pages to see more ideas using old discarded books.

The students colored each heart with crayons. Some expanded the craft by adding letters to their hearts to display a message.  Next we machine stitched the hearts together to create a garland. Adding a small piece of ribbon to each end for easy hanging of the garland.

I am always amazed at how one project can have so many variations.  Here are some of the garlands we created.

Another variation on the heart garland is to make them 3D.  Follow this post Instructables 3D Heart Garland to link to the instructions on how I made the 3D heart garland below. 

Click the link above to see more instructions.

Remember your sewing machine can be used for more than fabric.  Grab that discarded book, some punches and your machine to great a festive garland.


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