Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sewing Camp 2016

Sewing Camp 2016 was exciting and full of students and projects.  In my July camp I had three students and in August I had five students. Each group was unique and exciting to work with.

Working on assembling a pattern.

Supplies ready to go.

We made some simple projects to start off camp.  Again this year we learned to sew a button on our water bottle cover.  Sewing on a button is an important and useful skill.  Next we made a bag tag, needle keeper and pincushion.  Each project progressed the students hand sewing skills and introduced them to the sewing machine.

From these simple projects we ventured into projects that required more skill and patience.  I will post more about these projects in future posts.

Projects all set to show off at our Gallery Show

I like teaching sewing camps for lots of reasons.  First I enjoy sharing my love of sewing with the younger generation.  It is important that we share the talents and skills God has given us.  So I encourage each of you to share your creativity and talents with someone.  It doesn't have to be a big group or camp the one-on-one instruction works well.  Find someone today that you can teach and encourage.


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