Friday, April 7, 2017

Sewing Camp 2016 - Doll Skirt

As I stated in the previous post Sewing Camp 2016 was a great success.  One of the more advanced projects we made was a wrap around doll skirt.  It is not only a wrap around skirt but it is reversible. This way you get two different looks for all your hard work.

My sample skirt.  A friend was kind enough to loan
me her daughters doll.

I found a simple pattern online. It has very clear directions and was easy to sew. American Girl Reversible Skirt Pattern.  The pattern is designed for 18" dolls but some girls made theirs for stuffed animals and they fit quite nicely.  The Velcro closure makes the skirt very versatile.

The girls were able to follow the pattern easily and they made some adorable skirts.  Here are a few of the finished projects.

One set of doll skirts.

Some very happy campers!

You can find all kinds of free patterns for 18" dolls online.  Most doll clothes can be made with a small amount of fabric like fat quarters.  I encouraged my students to find some patterns and continue to expand their sewing skills.  


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