Thursday, April 20, 2017

Badge Covers with a Twist

It seems like everyone who works has to have a badge of some kind.  From the fast food worker, teacher, to the top executive we all have a badge.  You can find a variety of lanyard type badge holders in almost every store.

I personally do not like a badge hanging around my neck.  It always gets caught in my long hair or gets in the way of my necklace.  So I prefer a clip badge holder that clips to my shirt.  There was just one problem.  Those badge holders are ugly.

During my search for the perfect badge holder I became very frustrated.  So I decided I would make my own.  I also had the idea that it would be nice if I could change the front of the badge holder.  That would allow for a different look during holidays or with a special outfit.  So here is what I created.

A variety allows for many unique looks.

The covers and the badge holder have Velcro dots.  This allows for easy switching of the cover without removing my badge each time.  Now when the mood strikes to support my favorite team, show some school spirit or celebrate a holiday it is an easy switch.  I also created some that were more like a piece of jewelry.

To see more designs check out my Etsy shop WebberWorks.   Don't be limited to just one style of your badge holder.


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