Friday, February 26, 2016

Instructables - A New Tutorial Site

While recently searching for instructions to do a particular project I stumbled across a new site called  The site is full of wonderful tutorials for all sorts of projects.  Anyone can post their "Instructable" tutorial in a wide array of categories.

Instructables has some nice features like: you can walk through the steps online while working on the project or print out a PDF file of the project to do later.  After posting you can be invited to judge one of their many contests.  I have been selected as a judge for several contests.

I have posted 3 Instructable tutorials for some of my projects both old and new.  I was excited when all three of my Instructables were featured on the site not long after being posted.  Below are the links for my Instructables:

Be sure to check out this site to learn something new or to share your own "Instructable" with others.


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