Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A New Glass - Ozark Trail

Being from Texas where summer temperatures can run from February - December we like our drinks to have lots of ice.

Working in a school I need a glass that will keep my drink cold all day.  I have used all kinds of cups in the past and they would keep the drink cold until about lunch time.  Finding ice can sometimes be an adventure so I would bring some in a bag and try to put it in my cup at lunch time.  Most of the time the ice was frozen into a large brick and would not fit into my glass.  What a pain.

This year I have a new glass. Hearing wonderful things about the Yeti cups but not wanting to spend that much on a glass I began a search for an alternative  My choice was the Walmart Ozark Trail glass. I have been thrilled that I can fill it with ice in the morning and still have ice left at bedtime. These glasses are amazing.

Now with my new glass in hand I began to seek out ideas on personalizing my glass.  I love owls so using my Cricut I cut an owl pattern in turquoise blue vinyl and put it on my cup.  Since I have an unusual name it is almost impossible to find an item with my name spelled correctly.  Once again using my Cricut I cut my name in pink vinyl and placed it over the owl.  The design turned out really cute and now my cup is complete.

A personalized cup that keeps my drink cold all day!

Here a a couple of tips about adding vinyl to a cup that I have learned along the way.
  1. I use sheet vinyl rather than the Cricut rolled vinyl.  In my craft store the sheet vinyl is with the scrapbook paper and is significantly less expensive.  It has worked well for the projects I have done.  The cost savings allows me to buy more colors.  To learn more about how to use this vinyl check out Vinyl Cups a Gift to Share.
  2. I use clear contact paper to aid in positioning my design.  There are several YouTube videos that show this method of design placement.  Just search positioning vinyl using clear contact paper.
  3. Hand wash your glass to ensure the vinyl does not peel off.
This was a fun and extremely useful project.  I encourage you to try using vinyl to personalize your favorite glass.


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