Monday, January 5, 2015

Gag Gift turned into the Favorite Ornament

Happy New Year.  As we begin a new year we all tend to reflect on the last year or years and ponder what the new one holds.  A friend sent me a note recently thanking me for an ornament I made several years ago. Now this ornament was not your typical Christmas decoration in any stretch of the imagination.

I made it for a White Elephant gift exchange for our Sunday School party several years ago.  Our gift exchanges were somewhat quirky but always a lot of fun.  We had the usual bad lamps from someones grandmother's attic that would resurface every year along with the latest As Seen on TV items.  This particular year my daughter had just cleaned out her room and was going through all of her Barbie stuff.  So I took all of the leftover Barbie shoes and started my quest to create the perfect gag gift. Here is the finished product.

Barbie shoes pinned to a wire frame from a light set.
I was shocked that she still had the ornament.  She was thanking me because her five granddaughters were thrilled with the ornament and loved moving it around the tree all through the holidays.  It just goes to show that you never know how your creative talents will be appreciated.  What I created as a gag gift turned out to be a beloved favorite.  I hope that the year 2015 will provide you the opportunity to set yourself free and create.  You might be surprised in the years to come about how someone appreciates your talents.  Join me as we begin a new year of crafting adventures by following this blog.  Be sure to post your creations and ideas in a comment for all to share.  So whether it is a new technique you have been waiting to try or just something to fill a need go GET CREATIVE in 2015!

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