Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bathroom Organization - Cotton Balls and Q-tips

I love a house that is organized and efficient. Now I am not saying that my personal home is that way but I try to take baby steps to make it more organized and efficient. One area I have done a few organizational tasks in is my kid’s bathroom.

Their bathroom has a long counter and only one sink. Therefore there is plenty of space for items on the counter. The one area they lack in their bathroom is wall space. The entire area above the counter is a full wall mirror. So putting up small shelves to hold everyday items is not an option.

So, I had to find a solution for items such as cotton balls and Q-tips. I was browsing the isles of the local organization store and came across this plastic holder that had a jar type center with space around it. You put the Q-tips in the jar and the cotton balls around the outside. Wow, that is brilliant I thought but I was not going to pay the almost $20.00 they wanted. Now my hunt was on to figure out a less expensive way to accomplish the same look.

While scouring the Dollar Spot at Target I found a tall shot glass. This would work great to hold the Q-tips. So I made my own version of the jar.

My version of the handy jar.
Using the round plastic container we already had I placed the shot glass in the bottom. I secured the shot glass with some candle wax stick so I could remove it later if I wanted to. My jar cost me about $1.25 (since I already had the round jar).
Tall shot glass worked well, I don't think a short glass would.

The Q-tips are in the center and then you stuff
the cotton balls around the outside edge.

What areas of your life have you found clever or knock it off versions to get your life organized? Share a comment below for all to enjoy your efficient life. I'm baby stepping my way to better organization.


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