Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Clear Stamp Storage

Craft supply storage is an ongoing journey through the organizational maze.  I have tried all sorts of ideas for storing stamp supplies.  The rubber stamp pads on wooden blocks work well in a drawer where you can see all the designs in a quick glance.

Clear stamps have proved to be a little more of a challenge.  For a long time I kept mine in the original packaging and stored them lined up in a box.  The problem with this form was that each time I wanted to use the stamp I had to open the package.  The designs were easy to see at a glance but not quick to pull out and use.

I have seen the stamps stored in CD jewel cases and I like this idea but do not have the room for this solution.  I keep all my stamp supplies in a three drawer unit so my storage options are limited.

Then one day I was digging through my supplies and came across an old Altoid tin.  Now these tins are good for an abundance of storage solutions.  So I thought I would see how they worked for clear stamps.  I sorted my stamps by category (i.e. Christmas, flowers, hearts etc.) then cut the plastic apart so the stamps would fit into the tins.

Mint tins are a great storage solution.

Clear and rubber stamps.
Now the stamps are easy to whip out, use and go right back into the tin.  The tins line up nicely in the drawers I have and I eventually want to paint the tins and label them for even easier use.  It just goes to show that you never know what simple items can transform your world.  Ask your family and friends to save them for you or enjoy emptying them yourself. At least you will have minty breath.
The stamps fit easily in the tins and are sorted by type.

The tins line up nicely in the plastic drawers.
Hopefully you have found a workable solution for your stamps, if not, try an old mint tin.  To see some other storage ideas using mint containers check out my previous posts Small Storage Items and Tic Tack Boxes to the Rescue

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