Friday, October 10, 2014

Stained Glass Bonus Project

In the previous post I told you about the Stained Glass pattern from Missouri Star Quilting.  When you make the Stained Glass pattern you can create an additional bonus pattern block by simply adding one more stitch line.

In the original pattern you sew a square onto the long rectangle piece to create the angled corner.  If you make that stitch and then move over a scant 1/4" and sew a parallel stitch you can cut off the extra and end up with a  half square triangle block.  That is what I did on all of my stained glass blocks and I had a pile of half square triangle blocks. 

My pile of half square triangle blocks

I took these blocks and put them together to make a table topper.  I was amazed at how quickly and easily it went together.  I played a little while with designs and settled on the one below.  There were several variations you can create.  To make mine come out to an even size I did have to sew 4 extra half square triangle blocks.  But I felt like that was a manageable number and totally worth the effort.  The half square triangle blocks are fairly small so I did a scant 1/4" seam not a full one.

This is the arrangement I finally chose to use for my table topper.
All sewed together before adding the border and binding.
The finished table topper.  It turned out so cool!

When projects render a bonus project for such little effort it makes my heart sing  As you have figured out by now I really like when I can use up every last scrap for something.  I hope you enjoy this bonus project and would love to see some of your serendipity creations.

This is the original quilt pattern.

The table topper bonus project.

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