Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Modern Table Runner

Normally I am not drawn to anything that resembles a modern look or feel.  But when I found this piece of circle fabric in my friends stash it sang out to me and I had to have it.  Maybe it was the colors of the circles that pulled me in, I am not sure.   Once I brought it home I began to consider all the possibilities this fabric held.  Don't you just love how many options you have in quilting with just one piece of fabric?

Since I was on a table runner kick at the time I decided to make a more modern feel table runner.  I stated with the piece I had gotten from my friends stash and pulled matching colored fabric from my stash.  I wanted the circle fabric to be the main centerpiece of the runner so I left it all one piece and added the pieced border using my coordinating fabrics.

The circles seem to dance across this runner.

The piecing of the table runner was simple and quick to put together.  As I began to work on the quilting I was trying to stretch outside my comfort box and try something new.  I found online several options but settled on the meandering circles for the centerpiece.  This brings out the pattern of the circles and was fairly easy to accomplish.

It will be nice addition to a modern room.
The border quilting is where the fun really began.  I thought since the fabric and the quilting in the center was somewhat fluid the border needed to a little more of a straight line angular look.  I came across this pattern of the connected boxes and lines and loved it.  It turned out well and really anchored the piece.

My lines and boxes are not all straight. 
But I felt it was okay since the center has a fluid feel.

At the corners I made a box, turned the runner and kept going.
In keeping with my quest for my pieces to have more than one look I pieced the back with a strip of the circle fabric. This gives you two different looks.  The front has a more energized feel and the back is a little more calming.
You can really see the different quilting on the back. 
And remember it doesn't have to be perfect.
As I continue to try to get myself out of always doing the same thing the same way I have found that the things I thought were really difficult are not hard at all.  Sometimes it takes me just "going for it" and allowing myself to try and fail that I break out of the rut.  I am finding that this is rekindling my passion for quilting and crafting.  Do you have ways that you stretch yourself beyond the boundaries of your abilities?  If so, post a comment below for others to learn from your crafting journey.

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