Monday, September 8, 2014

Where did the Summer go?

My, my how time does fly.  It seems like yesterday we were wrapping up the school year and looking forward to a much needed summer break.  Well, now we are back at school and the summer has gone.  I wish the school year went by as fast as summer.  Below is a sign I have on my porch written on my chalkboard tile.  Although this summer in our part of Texas was not bad.  We did not have a loooooooong string of over 100 degree days.  And we even had some days that were below 90 degrees.  That my friends is a RARE thing in Texas.

But, now it is Back to School time and that means setting up my classroom.  I used my owl theme again this year just tweaking some of the bulletin board boarders and themes.  I did add an owl banner that my Mom purchased for me.  It hangs in the middle of my classroom.  I love the colors and the owls faces.
My new owl banner in the middle of my classroom
On my bulletin boards this year I am going to add to them on a regular basis fun technology facts and tips.  One of the teachers last year did a Did You Know? Sign outside her door and she wrote random facts on it each day.  It was fun to see what information was presented and I learned some interesting facts.  So I thought it would be fun to do the same idea but use technology facts.
Here is my Did You Know  version

My first fact.  The first computer I ever saw was the size of my current classroom, it was a punch card computer.  My how things have changed.
One other change I made this year was I added some washi tape flags to the tops of the pencils I use at each computer.  I am hoping this will deter the disappearing of my pencils.  (A girl can hope for a perfect world can't she.)  I used some tape I purchased from the Dollar Tree.  It is a little thicker than regular washi tape. 
The pencils turned out cute with the flags.
There were not many changes to my classroom this year so I am thinking that next year I might do a bee or ladybug theme.  I am still working on those ideas.  I would love to see pictures of how you decorated your classroom.  Post a comment or picture below.


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