Friday, September 12, 2014

Filling Tall Doorways

In our house the doorways that lead into the hallways are 10 - 11 feet tall.  I love our high ceilings but have never been fond of the over sized doorways.  They have always looked bare at the top.  I wanted to fill in the top area but did not want to visually bring the height of the door down. 

After searching for ideas for several years I found some glass window panes and suspended them from the ceiling with large eye hooks.  The one that leads into our long hallway is a single pane of glass that was painted.  I bought the window at a garage sale for $3.00.  It already had the painting of the fern pot on the glass.  My original plan was to take off the painting and do another treatment on the glass.  But, once I got it home and put it in the doorway it fit perfectly and I liked the pop of color that the painting added.

The paint on the frame of the window is peeling and there is even paint on the top of the glass from when they painted the outside frame.  I love how these details adds just the right amount of character to the window.

The small window is etched with a simple design in the center.  It hangs above the doorway that leads into our kitchen and master bedroom hallway.  I found it at a garage sale for $2.00.  Below is what it looked like before I painted it and hung it in the doorway.

This window is smaller than the doorway but still looks good. I could not get a good picture of the etching since it hangs so high.  But when you come out of the kitchen and look up at certain times of the day the light bounces off the etching and is quite beautiful.

Here you can see the etching.  The frame was unfinished wood when I bought the window.  I wanted it to coordinate with the larger one since they hang across the room from each other.

Sometimes adding one simple element can really change the look of your décor.  Filling in the top of these doorways made a huge difference in the feel of our living room.  With the space open so high the doors felt like they had no top.  The windows provided a visual cap to the doors but still allows the light to filter into the room.

So if you are staring at an area of your home that feels like it needs to be anchored at the top look for an old window frame, it might just do the job.


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