Monday, September 22, 2014

Quilting Design Boards

You know how sometimes you see an idea on Pinterest or a blog and you think, "I should try that", you do and it doesn't exactly turn out the best?  Well this project was just that way.  I saw these design boards and they were really cute and functional.  They looked like they would be easy to make.
The finished board.

I started my boards with a piece of foam core, the kind you use when your kids are making a project display for school.  I layered my batting on top of the foam core and glued it down with craft glue.  This part of the process was not bad.  The boards were then ready for the trim around the edge which is what makes them "cute".

Polyester batting glued to the foam core board.
 My thought was that if I made a regular quilt binding that I would be able to glue it over the edge and it would be finished on both sides. 
I cut regular quilt binding to go around the edge of my board. 
I used tacky craft glue to adhere the binding to the back of the board.

I made my corners just like a quilt binding.

The corner on the back side.
The gluing of the binding on the front side proved to be very troublesome.  First I tried craft glue but it does not set up quick enough to hold the binding in place.  Next I tried hot glue.  This worked but it was very difficult not to burn my fingers or melt the batting.
I was able to finish three boards and I put them in our quilt closet for members to use.  I had four boards prepared but tossed one in the trash I was so frustrated.  This would not be a project I would repeat the same way.  It proved to be way to time consuming.  There might be a better way to create a "cute" design board but I will put that on the back burner for now.  This will require some additional Pink Lemonade Idea design time.

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