Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Using it up!

As you have probably figured out by now I get really excited when I am able to use up things I have in my sewing and crafting stash.  Well this summer I did a lot of sewing and used up several spools of thread.  My thread drawers were getting rather full and it was hard to find the exact color I needed let alone open and close the drawers. (Yes, drawers not drawer)  Since I did several "scrappy" projects I was able to use up several different colors and now the drawers are much more manageable.

My goal this summer was to use the items I already had in my stash to make my projects.  I only went to JoAnn's once this summer.  That might be a record for me.  Since I usually go once a week if nothing else to just walk down the isles and look at all the wonderful items they carry.  Some of my best ideas have been hatched in the isles of JoAnn's.  I am sure I am not alone in this habit.  Although I will admit I went to a friends house and purchased some fabric from her.  She was cleaning out her stash so it still counts since I was "helping" her eliminate her excess.  (That's my twisted thinking and I am sticking to it.)  I will post later some of the items I made this summer.

See I was busy.  Using up 11 spools of thread is pretty good for one summer.

It always feels good to use up supplies, it is like a breath of fresh air.  I still have very full thread drawers but at least now I can open and close them without breaking my back.  Now I have room to go and buy new thread right?  Oh wait, wasn't the goal to clean out no fill up?  I might need to set a new goal of staying out of JoAnn's until Thanksgiving.  Not sure that one is obtainable.  I will try to keep working on using up what I have and not bringing home new items.  If you know of any tricks for using up what is in your stash please post a comment below.  I need all the help I can get.


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