Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Time for More Donation Quilts

As I stated in a previous post our quilt group at church makes baby quilts for the local pregnancy center.  Each mother is given a quilt for her new baby.  Below are some new quilts I made or finished this spring.

This quilt was the last of the scraps from a friend.  The original quilt was a twister design. 
I think the pink and grey make a soft combination for any baby.

This was a jelly roll.  I made several quilts from this one jelly roll.  This was the last few strips. To see the one of the other quilts from this jelly roll check out the Donation Quilts What a Joy! post. It is the red and brown fence rail quilt.

This is the back of the above jelly roll quilt.  I typically do a pieced back to give the quilt a two in one look.

Believe it or not this is made from the same jelly roll that was used above.  In the jelly roll it had pink, lime green, brown and red.  It was an unusual combination but really cute.  I pulled out the lime green and some of the pink to use in this quilt.

This is the back of the above quilt.  I used the left over small squares to add interest to the back.
Making these donation quilts is an easy way to try many new techniques, patterns and color combinations.  Since the pregnancy center ministers to many different women the more variety of colors and patterns the better.  It is always a blessing to finish a quilt and know that someday soon it will surround a new baby in warmth and love.

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