Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Plate Flowers - I can't kill these!

One project I worked on this summer was a few plate flowers for my front yard.  I have seen several different designs and they are all beautiful.  I chose to use transparent glass plates instead of stoneware.  I wanted the light to filter through the plates to give a softer feel.  They turned out fantastic.  They add a whimsical feel to my front yard.

The plate flowers are against my garage wall, which before was a long boring space.

I like how the light filters through the plates.
The plates are really easy to assemble.  You will need the following supplies: 
Plates of various sizes
Small bowls or other ornaments
Small embellishments for the center of the flowers
E-6000 glue
PVC pipe that is threaded (I used one that was threaded on both ends and cut it in half)
Couplings for the PVC pipe (I found the ones that fit my pipe and were somewhat flat on the sides)
All of my plates and embellishments came from garage sales.  The cost to make the two plate flowers was about $3.00 for plates and embellishments, and $2.50 for the PVC pipe and couplings.
Starting with the largest plate stack your plates to create the look you desire.  It is best to do a "dry" fit and then unstack and glue.  I tried several different variations until I found the one that looked the best. 
I used the clear glass bowl to add some texture and dimension.

By adding the small blue plate onto the clear bowl it allows the light to bring out the color more.
Try out all kinds of things to embellish the center of the flowers.  Small bowls, plastic mirror flowers, buttons etc.  Just let your imagination run free.
The center of my large flower is the decorative top to some curtain tiebacks I found.  I paid $1.00 for 5 tiebacks. 

My finished large flower.

Once you have decided on a pleasing arrangement unstack the plates and use a fair amount of glue in between each layer.  Let the plates sit overnight. 

The smaller plate is the same size as the center blue plate in the large flower above.

I only added a small clear bowl to the center of the plate and then the embellishments.

I stacked the plastic mirror flower in the clear bowl and then topped it with a glass pebble.

I made two different size of flowers to give the area a more attractive look.
Once the plates are glued together turn them over and glue the coupling for the pvc pipe to the back center.  Again it is best to do a "dry" fitting before gluing.  Make sure that you glue the coupling straight or your flower will lean when you attach it to the pipe.  If you have used something that has a directional pattern make sure you line up your pattern before gluing the coupling to the back.
Let the glue sit overnight to set.
This is the coupling glued to the large flower. 

Be sure to check the direction of the coupling aligning the threads downward.
I purchased black pvc pipe so it would blend in with my brick.  Be sure that one end has threads and the couplings you buy fit the threads on the pipe.
To "plant" your flowers drive the pvc pipe into the ground about 6 - 8 inches.  My husband used a metal rod to create the hole first.  This depth may be determined by the size and weight of your flowers.  I did run a metal stake beside my largest plate flower and tied the pvc pipe to the stake for some added support.  Once the pvc pipe is in place screw the flower to the top of the pipe and your flowers are "planted".

I used a small metal stake from on old flag pole to add support for the large flower.
I hope you enjoy making these lovely flowers as much as I did.  The best part is they require no watering, never wilt and I can't kill them.  I am searching for some additional plates to "plant" in my back yard.

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  1. Hi, I'm visiting from Frugal Friday. Your flowers are awesome. Good luck in hunting up more glassware.

    1. Thanks for visiting Betty. I have found more large blue plates to add to my garden. I am looking forward to Spring.