Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pretty packaging a must!

To wrap the baby quilt I made for my husband's niece I used a gift bag I decorated.  I feel that the packaging should be as beautiful as the gift.  A nice presentation can make even a simple gift feel special.  At the shower the sister handed the future Mom the bag and said "I bet this one is from Aunt Danna."  She was right - no card needed.  But I did add one just in case someone else made a beautiful bag for their gift.

Here is the gift bag and quilt.
The bag was a solid blue bag when purchased.  I added some dotted blue scrapbooking paper to create a center panel.  I used stud sets in each corner.  Instead of seeing the side where you would insert the stud I turned them over and used the back.
The paper flower is made from several book pages cut into flower shapes of varying sizes.  I inked the edges and used a pencil to curl the petals and then stacked them from large to small.
Book page flowers inked and curled with a pencil.

The center blue piece was an old earring.  The metal piece at the bottom says "Cherish", which is something you should do with a baby.  Cherish each moment.  It was from a scrapbooking set, it was open on each end to allow ribbon to slide through.  I finished off the bag with a simple ribbon attached to the handle that matched the ribbon on the metal piece.
I enjoy decorating gift bags to give them that extra "Wow" factor.  Check out this link Wrap it Up for more ideas.

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