Thursday, March 6, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Decorations

Last year being the first year I had my own computer classroom I survived doing just the basics of getting the room cleaned, set up and functional. So I was not able to do a lot of decorating for the different holidays of the year. This year I decided to do some simple handmade decorations for the holidays and use them on the bottom half of my hallway door leading into my classroom.

The door is a large beautiful wooden door with windows in the top. It is divided into sections with recessed areas allowing for a natural dividing line. Using those recessed areas I can easily use the “theme” decorations on the bottom half and leave the rest of my door the same.

For St. Patrick’s Day I found this great banner on this website All Crafts . She did hers in felt but since I wanted to laminate mine and keep it I used construction paper. The original site has a nice pattern to use for tracing the shamrocks, sections and letters.

Simple yet fun seasonal decorations.
A closer look.

What makes this banner cute is the detail of the stitching. In the original felt version the stitching gives the sections a nice outline. In my paper version the drawn on stitching gives the sections that little extra detail and dimension. I used colored pencils instead of markers to create my stitches. I felt the colored pencils gave it a softer more natural feel.

The bunting above the banner is made from cream colored construction paper and shamrocks with the same drawn on stitching detail. I had two sections left from the bunting so I clipped them on some clear plastic bins just inside my classroom door.

These were left over from the banner.  These bins are just inside my classroom door and I have not found a good use for them yet.

I think the door turned out simple yet very festive . By using paper and lamination I can use these for many years. Remember you can add a festive touch to your surroundings with some paper and glue.


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