Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Couch Refresh

My couch has seen much better days and was in need of a major refresh.  I would love to replace it but that is not even on the budget radar at this time.  So for my son's graduation party I really wanted to do something to make it look better. 

I have been searching for a reasonable price on a slip cover and finally found one.  It was only $32.00 at our local Big Lots store.  Now my husband hates slipcovers because well, they slip.  So I came up with a pink lemonade idea to use the slipcover and keep it in place better. 

With the help of my wonderful mom we put the slipcover on the couch and then recovered the cushions.  With the cushions on the outside of the slipcover it stays in place much better.  Since the slipcover was an off white color I was able to use canvas drop cloths to redo the cushions.  Here are my before and after pictures.


Sorry I forgot to take a picture of just the couch before.  But as you can see I had done a small redo with the blue stripe cover on the bottom cushions.  It worked but did not match well with the rest of the room.

This is a before shot of the piled up cushions.

See those lovely rips.  The original fabric was very thin.  So after so many years it just began to  shred.
MUCH BETTER!  I could not believe the difference this made in the look of my living room.
(The quilt on the back is our family tree quilt I made for my Granny's 80th birthday.)

I used two 6 x 9 drop cloths for the four cushions.
The drop cloths had a seam down the center we had to work around. I did wash and dry the drop cloths before using them.  This softened the fabric so it is comfortable to sit on.  I think this will wear much better than the original fabric.  It should last long enough to get a new couch on the budget radar.
I am very pleased with the results.  It has really brightened up my living room and made me feel like I could have people back in my home.  The total cost of the refresh was $32.00 for slip cover + $16.00 for two drop cloths = $48.00.  WOW - a totally new look for under $50.00. 
By placing the cushions on top of the slipcover it has stayed in place really well.  I have only had to adjust it once in almost a month and that was when we moved the couch.
So if you want to refresh your look keep searching for a slipcover and don't forget that a canvas drop cloth has many uses. 


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