Saturday, April 5, 2014

New necklaces

Over Spring Break I was busy creating (and playing) with jewelry making.  I am a crafter that does things in waves.  I will spend several weeks sewing, then move to quilting, then to card making etc.  I think I work this way because I am fortunate enough to have a crafting/sewing area that I can leave projects out when they are in progress.  So, once I start making a few items I tend to leave out my supplies for several days or weeks at a time.  Therefore, my craft/sewing area is always a "bit" messy.  Some might even say down right trashed. But hey, you have to work with the way you are wired.

Now, back to the point.  Below are several new necklaces I made over Spring Break and the weeks following. (Like I said I sometimes leave out my supplies for weeks at a time.)

It is hard to find a pretty red.  I have had some of these beads for a long time.  With the addition of new beads this necklace came together quickly.
This pendant was an old ear ring.  The larger piece dangled below the smaller one.  I took them apart and liked the way they looked on top if each other.  It also adds a little movement to the necklace.

This pendant was purchased and for once I did not add anything additional.  I usually "tweak" things but this time it was perfect in the original form.

Okay, this necklace is just toooo fun.  The large fish shape was once an ear ring.  I am not sure who would be able to pull off wearing two of these on each side of their head, but it is certainly not me.  In it's original state it was also plain silver.  I added the blue and green color with fingernail polish. 

The blue and green fingernail polish really made this fish pop.  When it was plain silver it really did not have a lot of pizazz.  Now it is just plain fun.  I might have to keep this necklace for myself.

The clear beads in this necklace are rather expensive.  I am not sure exactly what they are called but I purchased them at a local bead store for more than I would normally spend on a few beads.  Since the centers are colored blue and green they added just the right touch to bring out all of the colors in the surrounding beads.

The zebra stripe piece in this necklace was purchased in a pack that had some of the additional beads included in the necklace.  The large clasp is one more detail that can really make a necklace look nice if you have short hair.

I added the flower type pendant on top of the zebra stripe to add more interest.

I always enjoy creating jewelry.  Putting together different color combinations and fun embellishments brings out my most creative side.  Hopefully some of these pieces will inspire you to pull out your bead stash and let the creative juices flow.

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