Monday, April 7, 2014

File Cabinet Upgrade for $1.00

In my classroom at school I have an ugly file cabinet.  There is no other way to describe the thing.  It is old, slightly beat up and that ugly file cabinet putty color.  It was in desperate need of an upgrade.

Last year I covered the top with contact paper in a pretty green and white. It was $1.00 for the roll and I only used about 1/3 of the roll.  Just adding that one element helped raise it a few points on the upgrade scale.  I have been looking around on Pinterest, and other sites to see if I could find another way to dress it up a bit more.  I am not able to paint it because it belongs to the school. 

While I was in my local Dollar Tree store the other day I noticed the Wall Décor stickers in a fun flower pattern.  Off went the Pink Lemonade Idea light bulb and I thought wouldn't that spruce up my file cabinet.  So I bought a package for only a $1.00.

Here is my file cabinet now. 

So, it isn't off the upgrade scale, but it is better than nothing on the front.

I liked the fact that there were flowers and polka dots.
This is the side.  I can see this from my desk so it holds my inspirational thoughts for the year.

The contact paper is stuck directly to the top.  It fit perfectly without trimming at all.

I liked the simple color and fun design.

This is the package from my flowers. 
I literally peeled the flowers off and stuck them on.  It took less than five minutes to complete this upgrade.  I wish all my upgrade ideas took such a short time.
The next time you have an ugly piece of office equipment that you can't totally redo look at your dollar store for some peel and stick stickers.  They might give you a mini upgrade for just a $1.00.

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